Elonda F.
Dr Snell-Hargrove has been my doctor since 2005. She has delivered both my children and taken care of my woman’s health most of my adult life. She cares immensely about her patients mental and physical health and goes out of her way to make sure you know all your concerns are heard. I would recommend her to anyone over and over again! One of the best Dr’s I have ever come across.

Nancy Ellen S.
When I first met Dr. Snell Hargrove, I complained that it seemed no doctor listened to me. Her response was “My job #1 is to listen to you!!”. And, she does. She is compassionate and has helped me to find health and wellness. She is thorough and makes sure that what she recommends works for me. I’ve done several therapies with her and am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Snell Hargrove.

Anita A.
Finally a Doctor who studies post menopausal issues, particularly women who have had cancer and hormone issues! I am thrilled to be under her care!

Zenat A.
It was amazing the doctor was very nice

KellieAnne D.
Wonderful experience all around